Getting started

From July 2016 to April 2017

Garden in July 2016
The garden was an impassable jungle of thorny roses, ivy, overgrown shrubs, and countless weeds (including a fledgling sycamore tree) when we moved in in July 2016.
Attacking the ivy
First stab at taking on the ivy that was eating the shed whole…
Garden August 2016
The garden after a major haircut in August 2016
View of Aug 2016 garden
Sept 2016, we put loads of green waste from the first big prune over the relatively weed-free raised bed area (former greenhouse foundations), and laid some old carpet we pulled up from the house over it. Left this all winter to rot down and nourish the soil underneath.
Dumping ground
The garden became a dumping ground throughout the autumn and into winter as we had major work done on the house.
Garden April 2017
Garden in April 2017. The hard work has just started…
Raised bed
The foundations of a long-ago greenhouse make a handy raised bed. Currently home to shallots, garlic (middle), spinach and chard seedlings (cold frame, left) and awaiting broccoli and kale (netted area, right). April 2017
Mixture of shop-started herbs and fruits, and veg grown from seed in pots by the backdoor. Early April 2017
Pots close up
Green lettuces, mixed oriental leaves (rockets, mustards), radishes and beetroot amongst first potted produce starting to take off. April 2017
Black currant
Flowers starting on little black currant growing in a pot. April 2017
Promising flowers and fresh leaves on strawberry plants, April 2017
Indoor seedlings getting ready to go outside
Indoor seedlings getting ready to go outside: Hope to get a little greenhouse going when we clear the old coal bunker. Little sun trap there…

First crop: mixed oriental leaves harvested Sunday 23 April!

First crop of mixed oriental salad leaves

One thought on “Getting started

  1. Loving it all Liz! You are a source of information & i look forward to keeping an eye from afar on your progress & your rewards. Lily 🙂

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