Shallot time

Look at them!


And more to come yet. Have the first lot drying under a coldframe as the weather is so unpredictable at the moment.


Two or three weeks in there, then time to prep for storage.

They should keep for best part of a year. But I reckon they’ll be eaten in two or three months tops.

I got the shallot bulbs from the marvellous Mr Middleton’s on Mary Street in early spring. They grew well and fast. It’s been lovely to watch them develop.

Raised bed
The foundations of a long-ago greenhouse make a handy raised bed. Currently home to shallots, garlic (middle), spinach and chard seedlings (cold frame, left) and awaiting broccoli and kale (netted area, right). April 2017
Rich green shallot stalks soaking up the sun
Irish abundance

While searching for info on how best to store I came across this YouTube video, made by GrowVeg: They have loads of useful tips videos.


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