Battling the undergrowth

Over the last few months we’ve launched a few assaults on the tangle if ivy and heaps of waste dumped around the small brick-built shed over the years pre-dating our arrival.

The opposition is still winning, but we struck some major blows recently, severing ivy connections, and filling yet another skip bag with waste.

My advice on any similar situation would be – get your clearing done first and foremost – and don’t, as we have done, simply try to work around the chaos!

Ivy pressing up against and filling the back window of the shed
The ivy has had years to wrap itself around the two struggling laburnum trees in the corner of the garden behind the shed, consume the fence dividing us from our neighbours, and form a thick toupee on top of the shed
Corrugated iron panels, an old bedstead, an abandoned wheelbarrow and a couple of tonnes of soil are among the waste we uncovered on the left side of the shed. The soil will at least have some use in forming the lower layer of the larger raised beds we have planned.
Major improvement, but still a bit of a state. And we managed to access the pole to put up our washing line for the first time. Progress!
Mostly ivy and branches in here…

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