Quietly growing

For the last two months the sturdiest of the veg has been quietly growing in the garden. And continues to. Chiefly leafy greens (Cavolo Nero, chards, perpetual spinach, rocket), herbs (with regular bursts of coriander and large leaf parley), roots (carrot and beetroot), and purple sprouting broccoli. There was also a very modest crop of tomatoes. Just a few green babies are still clinging to the last healthy looking branch.

I was inundated with ultimately unwanted greens, so gave away the majority. The broccoli has produced meagre pickings, and some plants bolted fast. The beetroot and carrots have grown well, and we should have plenty of both over the coming weeks, as winter draws near.

There’s a lot I plan on doing differently next year. Mainly in terms of what’s planted, and ensuring better yields.

There’s a lot we had planned to do, but didn’t get to over the good months.

Come winter and early 2018, I hope to transform the garden layout, get the greenhouse up and running, and spend plenty of time planning and planting.

This last while, after an enthusiastic start, I ran out of steam somewhat (ditto for the various home improvement tasks now residing on the ever-lengthening long finger).

It’ll be back!


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