Spring 2018 has sprung

crocus 15 march
This slightly nibbled lone crocus made an appearance yesterday.

Winter 2017–2018 has been a long haul, albeit one interspersed with some lovely sunny days.

Then, when it looked to be over, we had our extended visit from the unpredictable Beast from the East, a relative of whose is threatening another unwelcome visit this weekend.

garlic 15 march

The Beast was no match for my Cristo garlic, however, whose shoots made a convincing appearance this week.

No sign of the shallot shoots yet, but I checked a few of the bulbs and they look in good condition. Hopefully, they’re just taking their time coming out.

Today I moved my first lettuce seedlings outside under fleece, joining the first potted radishes, which are growing nicely under a cloche.

First radishes of 2018 coming along nicely

I also planted a pot of Early Nantes carrots under a cloche, and some Rodelika variety carrots under a cold frame in one of the raised beds.

Inside, I’ve some Calabrese Broccoli seedings at secondary leaf stage, and coriander and flat leaf parsley soaking up with sunshine on a south-facing windowsill. In a month or so, I’ll introduce them to the outside world.

calabrese 15 march 18
Calabrese seedlings
coriander and parsley 15 march
Flat leat parsley and coriander seedings. The parsley is particularly hardy, a small pot of it survived the winter outside and still looks fresh and delicious.

On the subject of broccoli, my one remaining purple sprouting broccoli plant continues against the odds in a pot. I had removed it from the bed and isolated it as it was overcome by caterpillars. It’s made a remarkable recovery, and unlike the other broccoli plants, has never bolted – presumably this is to do with the limitations on its growth imposed by life in a pot.

Our youngest dog Pip, is a big fan of this plant, and regularly likes to munch a floret or leaf.

pip broccoli 15 march
Pip chewing on a purple broccoli floret.

Also making a welcome post-winter recovery is the potted lemon balm.

lemon balm 15 march

And finally, our potatoes are ready to go out, I just want to wait till we’ve seen the back of the snow risk before taking them outside.

It’s all very happy-making.

potatoes 15 march




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