The darling buds… of March

rosemary 3-18
Rosemary flowers.

Though the weather is due to take yet another turn for the worse this weekend, Spring growth is in full swing. The daffodils and crocuses are out, and there is much budding and shooting going on in the garden and all around us.

There’s such excitement in all the new life arriving, and the reawakening of plants, trees and flowers after the long winter. The birds are energised in their search for food and nest materials.

It’s my absolute favourite time of the year.

currant 3-18
A currant bush waking up from its winter slumber.
mint 3-18
Last year’s mint plant is making a comeback with lots of new shoots.
rosebuds 3-18
Buds appearing on one of the rose bushes we’ve conserved from the garden’s previous owner.
garlic shoots 3-18
The garlic is on an upward trajectory.
shallots 3-18
I feared the worst after the two rounds of snow – but the first shallot shoots have made an appearance. They were my favourite growers last year.
oregano 3-18
New leaves on a repotted oregano.
cloche 3-18
One of three sweaty cloches. This one contains reliable radishes which are currently flourishing. The other pots have been recently seeded with carrots and beetroot.
radishes 3-18
Radish – reliable and fast growing. They’ll be the first new crop of the year on the dinner table – lovely in a Japanese style salad with seaweed and rice white vinegar.


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