Growth spurt

Radishes: First crop of 2018!

The last week or so has seen unprecedented growth, as the weather has turned just a little bit warmer (still with plenty of wet).

The sudden appearance of sturdy green potato leaves has been particularly exciting.

Healthy potato leaves are showing for every seed potato planted, just under a month since they went into the soil.
The shallots too are looking great – and starting to split into new bulbs.
lemon balm
Every time I look at this lemon balm it seems bigger and bushier. I’ve been very liberal with the chicken manure, extra compost and diluted worm castings to ensure good soil health for the potted crops.


2 thoughts on “Growth spurt

  1. So envious of those first radishes…mine are not even poking through the soil yet, but maybe this week now that we are having some good weather. Enjoy!

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