Ready for summer

Currant bush starting to flower, 29 April 2018.

In Ireland, some people consider May to be the start of summer.

This weekend certainly felt like summer in Dublin, with hours of beautiful sunshine (and frosty ciders in the garden).

In preparation for summer’s ‘official’ beginning, we’ve done a huge amount in the garden this month – mostly painting, moving mounds of earth and rubble and putting up fencing, as opposed to planting.

We’ve come a long way since summer 2016 when we moved into our house, with its overgrown jungle of a garden.

The garden in early spring 2017. Cut back, but still overrun with ivy and muck.
The garden today, 29 April 2018.


And now we’re touching distance from finally ‘completing’ the garden design.

It’s been a hard graft, with much heavy lifting and repurposing of existing elements (we were quoted crazy-money to clear away the old wreckage, and couldn’t face dragging tonnes of muck and rubbish through the house).

Nearly there!

The potatoes looking leafy and healthy
First shoots of spring onions coming through
Not long till strawberries.
Tomato seedlings nearly ready to go out – just need to build the glasshouse now!

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