Pre-harvest anticipation

So much growing… so little to eat. We’re watching all the plants starting to fruit with a hungry belly. Hopefully there won’t be too much longer to wait.

We’ve six thriving tomato plants all starting to show fruit (five in the glasshouse, one outside – a mixture of Douglas F1s and ‘Gardeners Delight’).
The ‘progress’ pea pods are coming along nicely.
Two of our three courgettes are starting to produce.
I planted four hokkaido squash plants (probably should have just planted one) – they’ve taken over the bed and are spreading their tendrils around the garden. I’m not sure where this is going to lead… hopefully to a bumper harvest of squash!
The runner beans are starting to show their first pods.
The mystery potatoes (plants that started to grow from compost) are thriving in their new planter home.

Shallot and garlic harvest


2018 shallots drying

So, this year I’m taking extra care to cure the shallots properly to avoid spoilage. We lost about half the crop last year due to insufficient curing and poor storage.

After a brief period drying outdoors, I moved them into the shed and a slatted shelf has made in ideal drying device, allowing the bulbs to sit separately and the air to circulate. They’ve been drying in the shed for about three weeks, but I’m going to leave them a while longer before trimming and storing – to be sure to be sure. In the meantime, I’ll keep checking them regularly for any signs of mould. Obviously, during this time we can eat them too.

This year’s shallot harvest totalled about six to seven dozen bulbs, which we will make short work of in the coming weeks. Given the amount of space these take up in our small growing area of three raised beds, I think they’ll have to be off the menu for the next growing season. As tasty as they are.

2018 garlic drying in the sun

I harvested the garlic the other day too. The bulbs are a mixture of sizes. The largest are larger than last year’s crop. I’m going to attempt my first garlic plaits with these lads in the coming days. Watch this space…

Plait update

In my defence this was done while drinking beer in the sun. My mind was not totally on the task at hand.