A fair weather garden blogger

My blogging quiet of the last two months is a reflection of two things: work busyness, and the annual downturn of gardening enthusiasm, which slows as the garden’s productiveness does.

Looking back to last year, I similarly fell silent for the month of September.

Throughout that month, however, the garden continued to give us plenty of its three best growers of the year: tomatoes, spring onions and courgettes. So they’re definitely back on the list for 2019.

I’ve learned a lot this year about soil and yields, conditions and care, and what we will and won’t actually use from the garden. Next year the focus will be on potatoes, tomatoes, courgette, trying aubergines, more chilies, different bean varieties and peas, and of course the compulsory beetroots and carrots. Other things tried this year, will not make the list for 2019. And maybe a couple of experiments will creep in too, particularly lettuces, and different herbs.

Great yields from our five tomato plants (which still have more fruit to give before they’re done). I made my first tomato chutneys and some delicious pasta sauces.
We enjoyed a glut of massive courgettes from two plants, and lots of interesting recipes resulted.
While the squashes were technically a success, the plants grow so huge (and my enthusiasm for using the actual squashes is relatively so small) that I don’t think I’ll bother again.
Think we had six heads of broccoli in total. After a huge amount of time, and water, it seems inefficient to grow broccoli in the garden. I tried a couple of varieties of purple sprouting last year, which bolted very quickly. So I think my broccoli growing days may be over for now.
Spring onions have grown well, and are still looking good, ditto runner beans (though I’ll try different varieties next year, and more peas), the chilis were small but have a good kick, and the beetroot was reliable, if a little on the small side.

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