Winter wonderland for worms

I’ve covered our three raised beds with vegetable peelings and other organic detritus and a couple of layers of cardboard (one for eating, one for cover), converting them into wormy paradises for the winter time. I’ll add peelings and lighter vegetation every now and then so the worms have something fresh to munch on. Hopefully this will lead to both rich soil and healthy worms for the spring planting.

Worms galore gorging themselves on and under cardboard. January 2019.

Keeping soil fed and healthy

In a corner of the garden I’ve leaves slowly turning into leaf mould for enriching the beds and help the growth along in April/May.


And I plan to make excessive amounts of nettle tea over the coming weeks (just need the nettles to grow first) to use as feed throughout the growing season. I’ll need to invest in a face mask to avoid the stench. It is truly foul.

Nettle tea brewing
Super smelly nettle tea. Last brewed in Spring 2017.


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