Sunshine after the rain


While it has inconvenienced us humans the last few weeks, the weather has provided ideal growing conditions for our gardens. Good drownings of rain, followed by generous doses of sunshine. Though by mid-May it still feels like things are behind given the slow start we got off to following the delayed then drawn-out winter and inclement early spring.


One of the three raspberry canes I planted is showing leaves. I was delayed planting these by early spring deluges, so am delighted to see at least one of them coming to life.


Mange tout tendrils are starting to reaching out toward their climbing frame.


And the green beans have finally joined the party. I was starting to fret about them.


Strawberries coming along nicely.


Potatoes recently earthed up and looking healthy.


Tomato seedlings are on a go slow in the greenhouse, and no sign of the aubergines germinating yet (I’ve put down another batch and crossed my fingers it’ll stay warm enough to encourage them out).


The ever expanding rosemary needs a good prune.


Madge’s roses are getting ready to burst forth in the coming weeks.


Our little bee sanctuary at the back of the garden is coming along nicely.


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