June 2019 update: Getting hungry

As a Spring to Autumn gardener, I’m used to a ‘hungry gap’, but this one feels very long. So far we’ve had just herbs and strawberries.  Thankfully, though it continues cloudy and rainy, the overall temperature looks to have lifted, so hopefully growth will speed up.


The potatoes are thriving and first earlies will be ready to start eating soon (earlies in bags and pots, Kerr’s pink in raised bed for later harvesting)
Tomatoes with marigolds taking their time in pots, garlic nearly ready to harvest
The first little courgettes are starting to show
Sweet peas, mange tout and green beans have a long way to go yet
Cucumber, tomato, aubergine and chillies in little glass house. Not optimistic about aubergine, they got off to a very slow start
It’s all happening in this front rockery: rosemary and sage thriving, wildflowers and roses starting to bloom. Soft fruits aren’t doing well though. No sign of flowers on the two current bushes which are already quite tall and leafy, new gooseberry has a lot to contend with, and only one of three raspberry canes is showing growth. Suspect there’s an overcrowding issue!
Madge’s roses getting ready to burst forth
Strawberries at least are delicious and plentiful
Mint from potted plant had gone woody and tough, so I have dispatched with it in favour of new plants. Drying out the last leaves for tea.



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