Ripening tomatoes indoors


Between blossom end rot on our Douglas tomatoes, and slow ripening on those and our Gardener’s Delight (the cherry variety pictured in the lower half of the box above), we’re taking matters into our own hands.

There are a few potential methods for ripening tomatoes – the majority involve storing them in an enclosed, cool, dark place with a banana whose ethylene gas supplements that of the tomatoes. We’re opting for the cardboard-box-with-newspaper option. Which should work independent of a banana, but we’ll introduce one just to be sure. The tomatoes need to be at least showing signs of early ripening, dry, and foliage and stalk-free and positioned so as not to press against of put weight on each other that might damage them, with a few layers of newspaper under them (and over them if layering).

We’re not optimistic about the Douglas tomatoes a) ripening and b) being edible if they do. But the Gardener’s Delight will hopefully deliver the goods. There are many more of them outside that are not ready for indoor ripening. Worst case scenario, we’ll use the green tomatoes to make a chutney. They will not go to waste.

Our Ring of Fire chillies, which remain resolutely green will soon be joining the tomatoes under the stairs.



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