January 2020 update


Garden activity has been minimal the last couple of months, as the veg that’s overwintering has weathered deluges of rain and stormy weather, punctuated with bouts of calm and even sunshine (the weather around Christmas was particularly fine).

As usual our cavolo nero kale plants are thriving, and getting unwieldy for lack of cutting. And the largest plant is in flower, adding a dash of colour in the garden’s gloom.

beans-and-cabbage-jan-2020 (1)The broad beans and cabbages we planted out in November are making slow but steady progress and will hopefully give us something to harvest in early spring.


Signs of a flower coming on one of the broad bean plants.


The cold weather might make growing slow, but it keeps the insects away from these fresh cabbage leaves.


We’ve had stormy weather the past few days as the onion stalks attest.


The wet winter weather has fostered the growth of a thick layer of green algae on the paths, stones and other surfaces outside. It is very slippery underfoot.


Our chillies have finally reddened! (as the plant is dying in our cold frame/glass house). We also still have a few spring onions growing, and flat leaf parsley which thrives in the wintery weather.

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