Still in Dublin…

Our escape to the countryside has been delayed. But not indefinitely. We’re optimistic about being able to move in the early summer. So we’ve continued to tend to the Ballyer Backyard, and to germinate seeds for our new garden.


Patch suspects we’ve been lying to her about moving house. Pip is on the fence.
Magpies have set up a nest in the laburnum tree. This is the most exciting thing that has happened here in weeks.
Overwintered broad beans and cabbage are doing really well. We’ve started eating the cabbage in stir fries and curries. We’re hoping to be gone by the time the beans develop pods.
Broad bean flowers
Overwintered leeks, garlic and onions all thriving. The garlic and onions are still quite small. We’re hoping for a growth spurt over the next few weeks. But they’ll be coming with us, whatever size they are.
We may also get to eat the strawberries. I counted about sixty flowers this morning.
The gooseberries are starting to develop.
Plenty of flowers on the red currant bush. We didn’t get any fruit last year (possibly due to over-pruning), but this year may be different.
Broad bean and beetroot seedlings
Green bean seedlings
Courgettes. Two up, one to go. Plus aubergine (haven’t managed to grow these successfully yet).


Splashes of colour and bee food



2 thoughts on “Still in Dublin…

  1. Although your move may be delayed, any prospective buy will be impressed with the possibilities that you’ve displayed with your garden. Plant more food and keep records of your harvest. They could be motivational in a future buyers interest! May your plans and dreams come to reality quickly.

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