New no-dig veg plot, June to September

Determined to have some autumn and winter veggies, we started our temporary no dig plot in mid-June 2020, shortly after moving house. We made a raised bed directly onto the grass, laying about four inches of quality compost on top of four inches of well-rotted grass cuttings we found in a corner of our new garden.
We made another two raised beds, laying about five inches of compost on top of cardboard, into which we sowed shallow rooting crops.
We sowed carrots and parsnips in pots. Next year they can go in the ground.
July 2020, three raised beds with covers in place to keep off birds and butterflies
Turnips, courgette and mange tout start sprouting in July
September 2020, first harvests begin of carrots, mange tout, courgette, herbs and leafy greens

2 thoughts on “New no-dig veg plot, June to September

  1. Wow! It is amazing how much you can grow with what I would consider not that much work (although I do know it is work, and shouldn’t be completely downplayed!). Lucky you to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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