Wild mushroom hunting in the garden

Common bonnets growing from a rotting branch.

So far this past week we’ve found at five distinctly different types of fungus/mushrooms growing in the garden. But can only confidently identify three of them. The first is the ‘common bonnet’ type above, growing out of a decaying fallen branch.

The next is the very distinctive shaggy ink cap.

Our solo shaggy ink cap (‘lawyer’s wig’) in the undergrowth.

And then there’s the ‘wood ear’ (also known as jelly ear, and for some reason I’d probably rather not know, ‘Jew’s ear’).

Then there’s the unknowns…

We have a number of these mushrooms in the garden: this one in the side of a veg bed, others near trees in the lawn area. They all have a medium dark brown shiny top and pale/beige gills. Some are curling up, others not.
We can’t confidently ID this little lad either.
Taking a well-earned break from mushroom hunting while the sun’s out.

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