December 2020 update

After five months waiting in legal limbo we’ve finally been able to fully buy the property and have thrown ourselves headlong into house renovations – to the neglect of the garden.

Apart from weeding the recently planted onions and garlic (planted on a creeping buttercup hot spot and suffering as a consequence) we’ve done very little other than clear away some of the summer/autumn plants that have died off. Meanwhile, we have pots of carrots and parsnips to harvest over the coming weeks, and turnips, spinach, kales and parsley in the beds.

Over the Christmas break, in between house painting and DIY jobs, we’ll start our 2021 growing plan and organise to get a new polytunnel installed in the garden, as well as trying to fix up the greenhouse with new perspex to replace the lost glass, and cutting back the bushes and trees that need attention.

Watch this space…

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