Processing the gluts

Coming soon…

Our lipstick peppers are doing well and will hopefully soon start to ripen. It would be great to have them in time to batch cook some ratatouille with tomatoes and courgette for freezing.
Our green nutmeg melon plant is doing very well with lots of fruit now showing, we’ll freeze a good portion of this for use in smoothies. (We may need a larger freezer!)
Our late spring-planted carrots, salsify and parsnips still have a good bit of growing to do, but will hopefully be plentiful in the autumn time. We’ve just planted some last ditch carrot and beetroot seed, and have some beetroot seedlings to plant out too, as well as spinach. Next we’ll start more spinach and some parsley and winter lettuce to plant in the tunnel so we can hopefully have a supply through the colder months.

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