Intense tomato sauce recipe

As we’ve grown more tomatoes than ever before (but not as many as we’d like, still have to master the art of tomato-growing) – we’ve got lots of sauce-making practice in, and have struck on a particular favourite: intensely flavoured and very simple to make.

We’ve grown four tomato varieties and they all go into the sauce together. We’re sure they would work individually either.
Firstly, we roughly chop and salt the tomatoes (we used about a tablespoon of salt for the quantity shown). Then leave them to stand in a colander for 30 minutes or so for the salt to bring out the excess moisture. We then toss them about a bit in the colander to shake off that moisture and transfer them to a large baking tray, and sprinkle in a little dried oregano.
We then transfer them to a bowl and briefly blitz them with a hand blender. A food processor would do either, though best to let them cool a little if using one of those.
Et voila – we have a really rich, thick sauce that works very nicely with pasta (needs a little oil and pasta water added to loosen it up), it can also be used on pizza or however you like! We don’t need to add any other flavourings, just the salt and a couple of pinches of oregano.

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