Dec. 2021: Rainy season

It feels like it has rained every day for the last three months. Everything in the garden is wet and murky, or downright boggy. The grass hasn’t been cut in quite some time, though thankfully its growing is halted for a while. Spending time in the garden hasn’t been tempting at all and those big jobs that were scheduled for the end of the growing season are still there, waiting. We’ll get to them eventually!

Storm Barra, tossed things around a little, but didn’t do much damage thankfully. Still growing in the garden we have: leeks, carrots, parsnips, beetroot, kale, spinach, sprouts, parsley and overwintering onion and garlic. While in the tunnel we have more spinach, various salad leaves, parsley, coriander and still some peppers.

This ‘winter’ cauliflower has been growing since spring, but no sign of florets.
Overwintering onions
We still have chillies and peppers in the tunnel. Though the former plants are now dying (and have zero chilli kick). The peppers need a little help ripening.
Our carrots are small, but very tasty (and plentiful).

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