First seeds of 2022 sown

We’re able to get an earlier start with our tomatoes this year thanks to our ‘germination cupboard’ (the space above our hot water tank lined with heat reflection paper).

It maintains a heat between 16 and 25 degrees celsius, so enough to germinate seeds that need a little more warmth: tomatoes, aubergines, peppers etc.

As well as tomatoes we’ve sown onion and leek seeds. When the seeds germinate and don’t need the same heat level, we’ll move the seedlings into the polytunnel.

Speaking of which, we gave the tunnel a good clean as a fair bit of dirt and algae had built up since it was installed last year. So now the sun can shine in unimpeded.


We’re going to sow a few early potatoes in there in the coming days for harvesting in June, and perhaps some early carrots and beetroot.

Organic Vitabella early potatoes (from Fruithill Farm in Cork) chitting on the kitchen windowsill.
But the biggest news here is the arrival of Ziggy, a seven month old Jack Russell crossed with a mystery breed (we suspect a lurcher or whippet). He completes our pack of three furry lovelies.

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