Springing into action

This week started with a snowfall of three inches, and ended with sunshine and dry ground, meaning we could finally get into the garden after a protracted period of bad weather.

Ziggy leads the chase in the snow.

After the snow. Snowdrops and Christmas roses on the wane, while daffodils and crocuses are appearing.

The ‘germination cupboard’ was a great success, with 19 out of 20 tomato plants germinating over a two-week period.

Germination cupboard, 13 Feb.
Germinated tomato seedlings under cloches in the polytunnel, 27 Feb.

We planted summer and autumn raspberry varieties and made a support frame using parts of an old glasshouse. We’ll wrap the frame with wire to support the canes as they grow. And we’ve loads of other fruit bushes still to plant: red, black and white currants, blackberries, and red gooseberries. It’ll be interesting to see what the birds leave for us come harvest time.

We’re hoping to get a few tonnes of manure delivered from a local farm within the next couple of weeks, for the new 19 metre grow area. In the meantime, we’ve to source enough cardboard to cover the area to help suppress weeds.

Finally, we planted a few early potatoes (organic Vitabella variety) in the polytunnel. Frost permitting, they should be ready to start eating by the end of May.

Feeling very grateful for our wonderful home and garden this week, remembering those living under unfathomable conditions in Ukraine right now.

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