May 2022: growth spurts

We’re still a few weeks away from having much to harvest, but things are growing well and the veg beds are starting to fill up. Also, the hedgerows are frosted with hawthorn and cow parsley flowers at the moment (as is our garden): both beautiful May blossoms. The grass has gone wild though, and the near-daily rainfall means cutting it is nearly impossible. Looking forward to the dryer weather coming at the end of the month to get things back under control, for a while at least.

There are also some lovely flowers in our polytunnel: potato, tomato, pea and lettuce (which we’re letting go to seed):

The new growing area on the other side of the garden is going well so far. Still lots to plant, but we’ve already put in Jerusalem artichokes, corn, courgette, French beans, peas (green and sugar snap), a raised flower bed, potatoes and onions grown from seed.

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