May 2023: Growing anticipation

Lots of apples blossom on the young apple trees, and a little more than last year on the plum. Hope to have a bit more fruit this year, crows allowing.

Lots of birds nesting in the trees and bird boxes. Should see a few fledglings in the next couple of weeks!

Strawberries healthy and plentiful. Can’t wait!
And maybe even figs. Maybe.
Early potatoes going strong in the tunnel, and leaves starting to poke through in the outside beds.
Tomatoes potted on. It’ll be at least another four weeks before we start to plant them out in the tunnel.
Courgettes potted on too. Want them to be very sturdy before planting outside.
One of our many new currant bushes. Looks like we’ll get a good haul.
Coral peas
Corn (never managed to grow it properly here, but we’re told this variety might be a winner…)
Seedlings galore
Winter veg going to seed… And Patch

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