After years of dreaming, I’ve finally got a garden of my own, and I’m trying my hand at growing vegetables, herbs and a little fruit.

It’s the tidy-sized (45ft by 15ft), south-facing backyard of a 1950s house in Ballyfermot, Dublin which I  share with my partner and our canine companions, Patch and Pip.

Prior to starting my own garden, I was involved in a north inner city community garden for a year. I spent most Saturdays and the occasional summer evening there, largely weeding, watering and observing.

Other than that, when I was a child I attempted to start a little veg patch, but hadn’t a clue what I was doing, and with no family knowledge to draw on, I ended up with just one inexplicable and strange-looking orange stalk.

Now, having finally arrived at my gardening destination, I want to keep a record of how my endeavours progress, and to share what I’m learning with other newbie home-growers.

Garden in July 2016
The garden was an impassable jungle of tall thorny roses, montbretia, ivy, overgrown shrubs, and weeds (including a fledgling sycamore tree) when we moved in. July 2016
Garden August 2016
The garden after a major haircut in August 2016
Raised bed
The foundations of a long-ago greenhouse made a handy raised bed for 2017.

Liz Evers, Ballyfermot.