We’re Liz and Kim, amateur growers cultivating a kitchen garden in Ballyfermot, a suburb in west Dublin.

The garden is a tidy-sized (48ft by 15ft), south-facing backyard – half concrete, half soil. When we moved here in July 2016, we were met with a tall wall of overgrown greenery, from which we painstakingly hacked out our growing space.

Liz had long dreamed of trying her hand at growing. She’d been involved in a north inner city community garden for a year, spending most Saturdays there – largely weeding, watering and observing – before moving west. She’s ‘head grower’ in our little Ballyer Backyard.

Kim is the DIYer and designer – remodelling the garden layout, setting up raised growing beds and constructing a lean-to glass house, as well as turning an old brick coal bunker and shed into rockeries.

This blog is a record of our endeavours.

Garden in July 2016
The garden was an impassable jungle of tall thorny roses, montbretia, ivy, overgrown shrubs, and weeds (including a fledgling sycamore tree) when we moved in. July 2016
Garden in June 2017
June 2019